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"Lori's classes are Super Fun!! I LOVE this class and I love the process. "

"Lori is very good at providing help, inspiration and thoughtful opinions on how to improve one's work. "

"I have been attending Lori's workshop for over two years. I am not an artist, but the collage process is very forgiving:-) I have created from my heart."

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Class Descriptions

Collage Topics:

  • Types of art papers, best glue options, and layering techniques.
  • Tips for how to tear the papers with more control
  • Mask art techniques
  • Image Transfer
  • The History of Collage
  • Composition
  • Creating a Personal Visual Vocabulary
  • Determining Permanency of Materials
  • Effective use of Impermanent Materials
  • Tissue overlays: use and preparation
  • Substrates and how to prepare them
  • Presentation & Framing of finished works
  • Sources of tools and materials

Assemblage: Choose from hundreds of found objects to create an eco-friendly assemblage.

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